Former General Claims That Domestic ISIS Strikes Are “Inevitable” for the US

( — According to a retired general who served in the United States Central Command, national security officials should expect a domestic terrorist attack from members of ISIS in the near future. General Frank McKenzie spoke about a potential domestic attack during an interview with ABC News, where he claimed that ISIS’s recent promise to assault a United States target should be believed and thoroughly prepared for. McKenzie also said that ISIS has begun growing its forces in preparation for a new string of attacks, causing increased concern from the retired general.

When talking about a potential United States attack, McKenzie referred to the recent mass shooting in Moscow as evidence of ISIS’s increased activity in major countries throughout the world. The Moscow concert hall attack resulted in more than 130 deaths, with Russian officials confirming more fatalities with each passing day. An ISIS affiliate group headquartered in Afghanistan claimed responsibility for the attack, which saw four gunmen use fully automatic firearms to kill dozens of people before setting the concert hall ablaze.

While the Moscow shooting remains the most recent massive attack from ISIS-affiliated groups, the militant organization has also attacked targets in countries throughout the Middle East, including Iran. ISIS recently admitted to carrying out a bombing attack in Iran, which resulted in more than 90 deaths. United States intelligence officials immediately responded to the bombing by warning various countries, including Russia, about a potential attack from the terrorist organization. McKenzie said that ISIS’s newest string of attacks indicates an increase in the organization’s membership, which he considers a consequence of the United States withdrawing from Afghanistan.

According to McKenzie, the United States enabled ISIS by leaving Afghanistan in 2021. McKenzie claims that the disastrous withdrawal left the terrorist organization with incredibly powerful military equipment and provided them an opportunity to expand their influence without worrying about intervention from United States troops. The retired general believes that ISIS’s renewed strength will likely result in a terrorist attack against a domestic target and called the looming attack “inevitable.”

While discussing the potential attack, McKenzie said that the United States military shouldn’t have withdrawn from Afghanistan entirely and that the Biden administration should’ve left troops in the country to monitor potential militant threats. According to McKenzie, leaving Afghanistan made the United States incapable of monitoring potential threats within the country, exposing United States citizens to an increased threat of a terrorist attack.

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