Former Marine and Current Gamestop Employee Shoots Pokemon Card Thief Dead

( — A former marine working as a GameStop employee shot and killed a shoplifter who attempted to steal rare Pokemon cards, causing the shoplifter’s death. The employee responsible for the shooting is 33-year-old Derrik Guerrero, who faces a charge of manslaughter due to his role in the shooting death of 21-year-old Chadrick Coats. Guerrero apologized to Coats’ family, stating he didn’t intend to kill the shoplifter during the incident.

According to authorities, the incident occurred during a night shift when Coats stole $600 worth of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet “ultra-premium” cards. While Coats fled to a vehicle parked nearby with his girlfriend inside, Guerrero told him to stop before pulling a pistol from his waistband. Guerrero then shot at Coats, hitting him in the torso.

Following the shooting, Coats’ girlfriend called the police, who transported Coats to a nearby hospital. Coats died from his injuries approximately three hours after the initial shooting, prompting authorities to charge Guerrero with manslaughter. Guerrero kept the pistol used in the shooting on his person due to a prior robbery, but police claim Coats never threatened Guerrero or used force during the theft. The incident isn’t the first time Coats stole Pokemon cards either, as police arrested Coats in May for a similar incident in which he stole around $500 worth of Pokemon cards.

Guerrero is a former Marine who served in the military for ten years before being honorably discharged. During the shooting, Guerrero worked as an assistant manager at a GameStop in Florida. The death of Coats is drawing heavy media scrutiny, and the victim’s families are demanding justice be brought against Guerrero for the shooting. Despite the accidental killing, Guerrero faces years in prison if convicted of Coats’ death.

While awaiting his trial, Guerrero must surrender his firearms to authorities and wear an ankle-monitor device that tracks his location via GPS. Guerrero’s attorney is working hard to protect the former marine’s chance at an acquittal, stating that Guerrero’s military service and family establish his status as a respectable citizen. More developments regarding Guerrero’s manslaughter charge will likely follow in the coming weeks.

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