Former News Anchor Kari Lake Considers Arizona Senate Bid

( — According to various reports, former news anchor and failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is considering a bid for a position in the United States Senate. Lake failed to win an election against Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs and seemingly gave up on holding office within the state, moving to Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home for months before returning.

Lake is now considering a senate race in Arizona but isn’t confirming whether she’ll be running in the senatorial election. According to Lake, she’s still “contemplating” the possibility of running for the United States Senate but hasn’t reached a decision yet. If Lake commits to running her senatorial campaign, she’d be challenging Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat who recently changed party affiliation to be an independent official, causing her to lose support from her Democratic Party allies. Sinema’s lack of party support will enable other candidates to take her Senate seat, including Kari Lake and Representative Ruben Gallego, who announced his senatorial campaign. While Lake isn’t confirming a senatorial race, she’s begun hiring staff for an undisclosed reason, indicating an election campaign announcement is on the horizon.

Lake is one of former President Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters and regularly supports Trump during her public appearances. Lake lived with Trump for a few months, sparking rumors that Trump might consider her a potential running mate in the 2024 election. However, speculation regarding Lake’s possible running mate status has ended, as Lake moved away from Mar-a-Lago and is seemingly gearing up for her senatorial race in 2024. Lake also remains one of the Biden Administration’s staunchest critics, as she claims the American public is “so tired” of Biden’s leadership and policies.

Lake claims that an official decision regarding whether or not she’ll run for a spot in the United States Senate will be released in the coming months. Although Lake actively avoids any official statement regarding the potential campaign, her regular appearances on various media outlets indicate political aspirations. However, Lake’s chances of victory are slim, as Arizona voters aren’t supportive, as demonstrated in her failed 2022 gubernatorial election campaign.

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