Former Trump Advisor Jason Miller Calls Biden “Weak and Incompetent”

( — A former senior adviser to Donald Trump, Jason Miller, spoke to NewsMax and called President Joe Biden ‘weak and incompetent’ during an interview. Miller also discussed Biden’s age and claimed that, despite being 80, Biden will not drop out of the upcoming presidential election due to stubbornness.

Miller then claimed that Vice President Kamala Harris is even worse than President Biden, and that her leadership would be detrimental to the country. Miller is an outspoken critic of the Biden Administration and claims that the Democratic Party, in general, is failing the United States. According to the former Trump adviser, the Biden Administration is failing to develop anything and faltering in its economic policies.

Miller seems confident that former President Donald Trump will win the upcoming presidential election and claims he isn’t worried about a potential second Biden term. Recent polls indicate that Trump outperforms any other potential presidential candidate, including Biden, and is currently the most likely election winner. This will likely change once Trump’s legal battles develop further, but for now, the former president is the most popular presidential candidate in the country.

Miller served as a top adviser to former President Donald Trump and is currently working for Trump’s campaign. Should Trump win the election, Miller will rejoin the White House as an adviser. Miller seems assured that President Biden will fail to win re-election and regularly claims that Donald Trump is the best candidate in the 2024 election. Despite Miller’s claims, Trump only maintains a narrow lead and might drop in popularity once his legal battles unfold during the primary season. Despite this potential uphill battle, Miller remains one of Trump’s strongest advocates.

Miller remains a staunch defender of Donald Trump and claims that the criminal cases against the former president are attempts at political interference. According to Miller, Trump did not intend to overturn the 2020 election results, an allegation at the center of multiple criminal cases against him. Miller instead claims that Trump did not believe he had lost the election and that politicians focusing on Trump’s statements on January 6th are purposely misrepresenting the former president. Despite Miller’s claims, Trump will face trial for his alleged election interference in the coming months.

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