Furious McDonald’s Patron Fatally Shoots A Lawyer

(NationalUSNews.com) — An angry McDonald’s patron shot and killed a Texas lawyer after he tried to intervene in an argument, which Houston authorities claim resulted from the customer feeling dissatisfied with his McDonald’s order.

The attorney in question is 46-year-old Jeffrey Limmer, a liability attorney who practiced at a local Houston law firm. Police haven’t revealed information about the disgruntled customer who ended up shooting Limmer, nor have they described how the customer’s argument with McDonald’s staff escalated into a physical altercation with Limmer.

The incident started when the unnamed customer took his food to the McDonald’s counter and demanded a refund, which the store’s staff seemingly refused. After this refusal, the customer began arguing with a McDonald’s employee. Limmer attempted to intervene in the argument, resulting in a physical fight between Limmer and the disgruntled customer. The two began fighting in the store’s parking lot for an unknown reason, with Limmer knocking the customer to the ground to end the altercation. Following his fight with Limmer, the alleged shooter went to his parked Ford pickup and grabbed a firearm, which he then used to shoot Limmer. Authorities claim the suspect shot Limmer in the shoulder twice, resulting in the attorney’s death.

Limmer didn’t die immediately after the shooting, as the attorney quickly ran into the McDonald’s restaurant and had the store’s staff call for first responders. While awaiting medical personnel, Limmer succumbed to his injuries and died at the location. When discussing the shooting, Limmer’s family described the attorney as someone who “loved fiercely” and who always did the right thing. Limmer’s friends also said that they weren’t surprised to learn that Limmer intervened in the initial argument between the disgruntled customer and the store’s staff.

The shooting that killed Limmer isn’t the only instance of an injury occurring at a McDonald’s in 2024, as several other similar altercations have unfolded since January. In January, an 18-year-old sustained injuries at a McDonald’s after another person shot him with a BB gun. A similar incident unfolded in March when an armed suspect shot at a teenage McDonald’s employee as they went through the Tennessee location’s drive-thru. The teenager ended up in critical condition following the shooting.

Houston authorities are currently investigating Limmer’s death and are actively searching for the shooter who killed the Texas attorney. So far, police have only revealed information about the suspect’s vehicle, a blue Ford truck from the early 2000s. Houston police have made no arrests, nor have they identified any potential suspects involved in Limmer’s death.

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