Gavin Newsom Lies About Guns Again

( — California Governor Gavin Newsom is facing heavy online criticism for his repeated claim that firearms are the primary cause of death among children. This statement is patently false unless you count 18 and 19-year-olds as adults.

President Joe Biden made the claim first, but it has become a central talking point for Democrats with an anti-second amendment agenda, like Newsom. Newsom takes to mainstream media outlets to discuss gun violence following every tragic shooting and says that the United States government should regulate firearm usage amongst its citizens in an absolute manner to limit gun violence.

Despite his claims, Newsom ignores the violent crime rates within his state, which has the strictest gun-control laws in the entire country. California has one of the country’s highest crime rates and one of the highest incarceration rates of any state. Newsom seems more concerned with parroting Democratic Party talking points than with identifying the cause of gun violence deaths and solutions to the growing gun violence within the country.

Newsom is one of the most controversial politicians in office. He is even facing backlash from his party due to his decision to debate GOP presidential hopeful and Florida governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis agreed to Newsom’s challenge and will take part in a debate against the California official during the midst of his presidential campaign. Newsom’s challenge is drawing heavy criticism from Biden’s advisers and other top Democrats, who worry that such an event will give DeSantis more popularity and bolster his political standing should Newsom lose the debate. Despite his party’s protests, Newsom seems intent on debating DeSantis.

The debate will be hosted on Fox News by Fox News figurehead Sean Hannity. Some political advisers to Biden and Kamala Harris are concerned that Newsom’s appearance in the discussion might be an attempt to bolster his popularity by running a “shadow campaign” against incumbent Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination. Newsom denies any potential presidential bid, but his repeated public appearances indicate that the governor has higher aspirations. Newsom’s appearance in a debate would be a national spectacle. It would likely result in DeSantis’s popularity increasing, as Newsom remains an extremely disliked figure among Republican and independent voters.

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