Getting Involved in Local Politics

( — Given the looming presidential election, 2024 is shaping up to be an important year for United States politics. While politics on the national level is important, local politics is also an important area often neglected by American citizens. Local politicians determine what curriculum teachers use in schools, how the city uses its funding, what projects the city focuses on, and how infrastructure operates. Americans often ignore local politics due to the spectacle accompanying national elections and politicians like President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump, prompting some media outlets to share advice on how citizens can become more involved in local political systems.

One such outlet, Rock Solid, frequently shares articles regarding the importance of local politics. Rock Solid also advises how Americans can become more involved with their local politicians and encourage citizens to participate actively in their community. One piece of advice shared by the media outlet is for Americans to join a local board or a commission since many cities feature many governing bodies open to members of the public. To join a commission or local board, all someone has to do is visit their city’s website to find information about the group they want to become involved with and fill out a virtual application.

Rock Solid also recommends that American residents attend their city meetings. Various governing bodies, like city councils, a local board of education, and quorum courts, regularly host meetings accessible to members of the public. These meetings feature relevant information about a city, including new developments in school policy, where taxpayer money is going, and new ordinances enacted by the town. The report from Rock Solid claims that attending meetings is an opportunity to see your local representatives “in action.”

Another way for someone to be involved with local politics is to volunteer as a poll worker during elections. Poll workers are essential in the election cycle, as they ensure votes are tallied properly and prevent voter fraud by monitoring voting booths for suspicious behavior. Serving as a poll worker is also a way for someone to learn about how political campaigns operate, providing an educational opportunity for those interested in running for office.

People who don’t want to volunteer or simply lack the free time to participate can still contribute to their local political offices. A simple way for someone to become involved is to donate to city causes. Local offices often request donations for non-essential tasks, so providing a donation could help an interested citizen become more involved with a local office.

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