Girl Scout Cookies Not Spared By Rising Inflation

( — Inflation is affecting everyone in both large ways and small. While just how bad inflation is remains a common argument, most people are seeing it in everyday situations like buying groceries or going to the movies. This year even America’s long tradition of buying Girl Scout cookies is being affected, as the prices go from an average of $5 per box to $6 a box. Although each of the 111 Girl Scout councils across the nation sets their troop cookie prices, the rising costs of manufacture play an integral role in the price increase for many areas.

In 2014, average prices of Girl Scout Cookies rose from $4 per box to $5 per box, so updating prices to reflect modern prices has always been standard practice. When the Girl Scouts first began their cookie sales program to teach girls about business and help fund their activities, the tasty treats were baked at home, and in the 1920’s and sold for between 25 and 35 cents per dozen. Today the cookies are made by two large commercial bakeries, and the costs of the cookies will have to reflect the increasing prices of ingredients to make them, fuel to transport them, and the rising cost of labor.

Carol Dedrich, CEO of Girl Scouts San Diego does not believe the rise in price will lower the projected sales. She said that recent Girl Scout cookie seasons have been more successful than any since before COVID-19. Girl Scout cookies sell more than 200 million boxes per year, outperforming even Oreo, even with a sales season that typically only lasts for a few months. The price jumps this year may be as high as a 20% increase, but it should be noted that normal store-bought cookie costs have gone up roughly 23%.

In some areas, like Northern California, the prices rose to $6 a box in 2022 but it looks like the rest of the troops are going to have to increase their prices as well. The Northern California Council has indicated that lowered participation in the cookie sales program was a driving factor for their earlier increase. It remains to be seen if they will have to raise their prices even more to reflect inflation as well.

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