GOP Issues Subpoena For FBI Document Detailing Biden Bribes

( — As President Biden juggles divided voter opinions and record-low approval ratings, GOP politicians are calling for more investigations into his actions as Vice President.

An unidentified whistleblower has come forward with detailed information about documents that provide proof of Biden’s wheeling and dealing at the cost of America’s official policy decisions. The whistleblower has verified that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Justice Department have possession of the document and are aware of its contents.

Republican James Comer is the House Oversight Committee Chairman. He has issued a subpoena for the document. Comer and Republican Senator Chuck Grassley allege that Biden was involved in a criminal plan that padded his own pockets in exchange for political arrangements.

Comer and Grassley insist that the FBI is fully informed on the document, but they question the FBI’s integrity in thoroughly investigating the details. They want Congress to have the opportunity to see the information in order to decide what, if any, punitive measures should be taken.

Comer believes that American citizens have a right to know if their President was involved in illegal exchanges that put their well-being at risk. Referring to the ongoing issues surrounding Hunter Biden, the President’s son, Comer asserts that transparency is critical.

Comer and Grassley are leading the efforts to uncover business transactions between Hunter Biden and a foreign national. His ties to China have been spotlighted, and the GOP wants to clarify whether the elder Biden was involved.

President Biden has denied any knowledge of his son’s business or tax affairs, even though the younger Biden’s colleagues are confirmed to have met at the White House while his father served as Vice President. President Biden says he never discusses investigations regarding his family with the Justice Department.

Rumors have been swirling about botched investigation processes with Hunter Biden’s cases. Comer and Grassley do not want the same thing to happen in this latest revelation.

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