GOP Lawmaker Accuses Biden Of Hiding Truth About UFOs

( — The head of the Pentagon office investigating UFOs hit back at the whistleblower who claimed in testimony before Congress last Wednesday that the federal government is covering up a program to recover aliens from unidentified craft, Politico reported.

During Wednesday’s House Oversight subcommittee hearing, Ret. Maj. David Grusch claimed there is a decades-long program to obtain and figure out the technology found on alien craft.

Grusch, a former intelligence officer for the Air Force, said that while he served in the National Reconnaissance Office in 2019, he was assigned to identify and list the total number of classified programs relating to UFOs. He told the subcommittee that he had been told of the program but was not given clearance or access to the program’s materials.

Grusch also claimed to have spoken to officials who knew of crafts with “nonhuman” origins from which the government recovered “biologics.” This refers to bodies or body parts.

But in a memo released after the hearing, Sean Kirkpatrick, the head of the Pentagon’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), said there is no evidence supporting Grusch’s allegations.

Kirkpatrick said the AARO has not yet found “credible evidence” supporting Grusch’s claim of a “reverse engineering program for non-human technology.” He pointed out that the whistleblowers who testified to the subcommittee have never worked for the office, nor are they acting as its representatives.

Kirkpatrick described last week’s testimony as an insult to the members of the Pentagon and Intelligence Community who are working with AARO. He added that despite the claims made in the hearing, the source of the allegations has refused to speak with his office.

During last week’s hearing, some subcommittee members, including Tennessee Republican Tim Burchett, accused the government of covering up its work on UFOs.

But Kirkpatrick argued in his memo that some of the information reportedly given to Congress was not provided to the AARO, leading him to question the “true commitment to transparency by some Congressional elements.”

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