GOP Lawmakers in New York Want to Repeal “Sanctuary” Laws to Cooperate With ICE

( – In 2017, Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order that prevents law enforcement from notifying or cooperating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He has since been replaced with Democrat Kathy Hochul who has also been very supportive of mass illegal immigration, recently pledging $250 million to New York City to provide services for the migrants that continue to pour in.

On Tuesday February 13, several Republican officials in Albany, New York announced they will be sponsoring legislation to reverse the sanctuary status of their state. The proposed legislation requires that local law enforcement and court officials notify ICE when they arrest any non-citizens. Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt, one of the sponsors of the bill, says the current situation “ties the hands” of law enforcement and is making New Yorkers less safe.

This announcement comes on the heels of a barrage of high-profile assaults by migrants on both average citizens in New York as well several shocking attacks on police officers. With no ability to coordinate with ICE about the violent attacks by non-citizens, many of the offenders are often released quickly and disappear into the crowds, sometimes even leaving the state. Some of these violent offenders have committed more assaults within days of being released.

The immigration crisis is getting so out of hand that even some Democrats are beginning to acknowledge the problems it is causing. New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams has expressed frustration with the out-of-control costs of serving the migrant community and says that the city has simply run out of shelter space. When asked if he could do anything to stem to flow of illegal immigrants into his city, he says he can’t do anything because state law does not allow New York City the authority to work with ICE at this time, even in cases of repeat violent offenses by non-citizens.

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