GOP Primary Dropout Chris Christie Caught Mocking Rivals on Live Mic

( — Failed GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie made national headlines recently after he got caught mocking his political rivals on an active microphone. Christie believed the microphone wasn’t on, prompting him to openly criticize the other GOP presidential candidates. Among the Republicans Christie commented about are Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Governor Nikki Haley. Christie’s controversial comments are particularly negative about Haley and come as the failed presidential candidate allegedly planned to endorse Haley’s campaign.

During the hot mic incident, Christie reflected on the spending of various Republican presidential candidates. According to Christie, his campaign spent approximately $12 million on his presidential bid, a substantially lower amount than Haley or DeSantis’s presidential campaigns. Christie said that Haley spent almost $70 million on her presidential efforts before stating that she wasn’t “up to this,” referring to the final months of the primary season. Christie also referred to polls in New Hampshire, in which Haley trails behind frontrunner Donald Trump by around 20 percent.

Christie also briefly discussed DeSantis’s campaign, including an incident in which DeSantis called him privately and said he “appreciated” Christie’s role in the election. Christie’s presidential campaign focused heavily on the Trump administration and how Donald Trump wasn’t the right choice for the Republican Party’s nominee. Christie also regularly discussed his failed 2016 presidential campaign, in which he endorsed Trump after dropping from the race. According to Christie, his endorsement of Trump’s first presidential bid is one of his biggest mistakes.

Christie also claimed that Haley would “get smoked” going into the Republican Party’s nomination process before the microphone disconnected, raising concerns about his looming endorsement. Christie’s hot mic incident occurred moments before he officially dropped from the presidential race due to his abysmal performance in nationwide polls. Christie decided to end his campaign after he failed to gain support from New Hampshire voters, claiming that he understood he didn’t have a path to secure the Republican nomination.

Donald Trump quickly shared the hot mic recording on Truth Social, his own social media platform, before making comments about Christie and his failure to perform well in election polls. Trump also admitted that Haley’s presidential bid is an obstacle for him in New Hampshire because she is the state’s second-most popular Republican running for president. Despite Haley’s popularity in New Hampshire, Trump remains the most popular Republican candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination.

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