GOP Senate Hopeful Larry Hogan Favors Making Abortion Rights The Law Of The Land

( — One of Maryland’s former governors is running as a GOP senatorial candidate and has shared his political platform in a public statement, which deviates from other GOP candidates currently pursuing open Senate seats.

Former Governor Larry Hogan has won the Republican nomination to run for an open Senate position in Maryland, which could be one of the most contested senatorial elections in the upcoming election cycle. Hogan shared information about the policies he hopes to pass upon winning the open seat, which included details about his pro-choice approach to abortion rights.

Hogan announced that he supports abortion rights for American citizens and that, if elected, he would work to protect his constituents’ access to abortion. Hogan elaborated and announced that if he won the Senate race, he would introduce an amendment to the Maryland state constitution, which would establish abortion as a right for all Maryland residents. While Hogan’s comments received positive feedback from independent and moderate voters, some online commenters have pointed out his prior statements about abortion and how the GOP senate hopeful has contradicted his former vague stance regarding abortion.

Hogan famously supported abortion during his time as Maryland’s governor, but earlier this year, he wrote an op-ed that indicated he wasn’t a staunch supporter of abortion or establishing it as a protected medical procedure. Hogan has since reaffirmed his support for abortion rights and claims that if elected, he’ll work to make the controversial Roe v. Wade decision a legally protected decision. According to Hogan, the federal government shouldn’t have the ability to limit a woman’s access to medical procedures.

Despite Hogan’s claims that he’s always supported abortion, other elected officials from Maryland aren’t convinced. One such official is Senator Chris Van Hollen (Democrat-Maryland), who claims Hogan’s comments are a “flip-flop” from his prior statements about abortion, and thus, Maryland voters shouldn’t trust Hogan. Van Hollen finished his statement by claiming that Hogan’s support for abortion constitutes a “political move” and is a disingenuous attempt at gaining support ahead of the upcoming senatorial election.

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