GOP Strategist Karl Rove Dismisses Bill Maher’s Biden-Haley “Unity Ticket”

( — On Friday, March 8, during the panel discussion on Real Time with Bill Maher, many people were surprised to hear Maher outline his dream for the 2024 presidential election. He suggested that President Biden get rid of Kamala Harris and make Nikki Haley his vice presidential running mate.

Maher referred to this idea as a “unity ticket”. Although he prefaced his remark by acknowledging that it may be a “crazy” idea, he said he believes the combination of Joe Biden and the Republican former Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, would be unbeatable.

Maher’s dream was discussed on Monday, March 11, on Fox News’s interview program The Story. Conservative political consultant Karl Rove is a frequent contributor on Fox, and nearly laughed aloud at the suggestion of a Biden/Haley ticket. While he conceded that Maher has an innovative mind, he added that the bipartisan ticket was just not going to happen. He further explained that, in his opinion, the Democrats are never going to make a move to get rid of Harris, and even if they were to do something like that, they still wouldn’t put a conservative like Haley in her place.

Rove isn’t the only one to find Maher’s suggestion outlandish, though. That evening’s guests were Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti, left-wing commentators from the podcast Breaking Points. They seemed caught off guard by the surprising statement. Ball objected to the removal of Harris in Maher’s scenario, pointing out that it would enrage Biden’s base if he removed the first black woman vice president from her position, adding that black women are the “core” of the Democrat party.

Many online commenters have pointed out that, while Haley has openly opposed Trump, her policy positions are overwhelmingly in sync with his. With Biden’s dwindling popularity with Democrats, it seems unlikely that taking on such a conservative running mate would improve the support of Democratic voters.

Haley has officially dropped out of the 2024 presidential race, and President Biden has issued a warm welcome to her supporters, who, in theory, would oppose a Trump presidency more than they oppose the Democrat party.

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