GOP Takes Aim at Kerry Over Private Plane Usage

( — Two Republican officials are calling for the Biden Administration to release records related to Climate Envoy John Kerry’s traveling habits to determine how much money and carbon emissions resulted from his flights across the planet. The Republicans in question are Brian Mast and Cory Mills, both from Florida.

Kerry has admitted to taking multiple military flights since joining the Biden Administration, claiming to have taken at least five different flights. Military flights are much more expensive than commercial flights and produce more carbon emissions.

Kerry faces criticism regarding his travel habits due to how publicly “pro-climate” he is. Despite this stance, Kerry seems willing to bend the rules for himself and use more expensive and wasteful traveling methods for comfort. Kerry also admitted to using a private jet at least once during his time in office, drawing even more criticism from environmentally conscious groups. Although many online groups and politicians want the White House to release Kerry’s travel records for transparency, such an outcome seems unlikely.

Kerry isn’t just facing criticism for his traveling habits, but also for his failure to secure a climate agreement with China. China is a leader in global carbon emissions and has been the focus of multiple efforts to reduce its environmental damage for years. Kerry recently visited China to secure a climate agreement but has since returned to the United States without a tentative deal. Kerry stated that he believes more work is required before China and the United States can reach a satisfactory climate agreement. Kerry’s visit to China is the latest instance of the Biden Administration failing to secure a deal with the Asian country amid international tensions.

According to China’s vice president, the country is willing to work with the United States to secure a climate agreement so long as political demands are satisfied. Vice President Han Zheng stated that China considers the ongoing climate issue pivotal, but the United States must cooperate before a deal can be struck between the two nations. Such a deal would likely involve China’s claims on the island nation of Taiwan, which President Biden has stated the United States will defend from China should China invade.

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