Hakes Believes Chutkan Not Accommodating Trump Lawyers

(NationalUSNews.com) — A former federal prosecutor claims that she believes the judge overseeing Trump’s Washington, D.C., criminal case is violating the standards established by the American Bar Association by not accommodating Trump’s defense attorneys. Francey Hakes claims that Judge Tanya Chutkan purposely refuses to accommodate Trump’s defense team in order to make the criminal case against the former president harder to defend.

Hakes also highlights Chutkan’s Democratic Party affiliation. She is a Democrat-appointee and regularly donates to the political party. Chutkan’s outspoken support of the Democrats raises concerns amongst United States citizens, who believe that Donald Trump’s criminal case results from political bias on behalf of prosecutors rather than from genuine criminal matters.

Trump’s defense team echoes this sentiment, claiming that Trump is innocent and the subject of a modern-day “witch hunt” due to his outspoken opposition to political officials on both sides of the aisle. Chutkan hasn’t responded to claims regarding her potential political bias or Donald Trump’s intention to have her removed from his case.

Donald Trump is demanding Chutkan recuse herself due to her overt support of the Democratic Party, Donald Trump’s political opposition. While Trump remains adamant that Chutkan will be biased in his criminal case, his lawyers haven’t filed a motion for her recusal. Chutkan will likely remain as the presiding judge in Trump’s Washington, D.C., case, meaning Trump’s defense team may face difficulty proving the former president’s innocence to the American public.

Chutkan is an Obama-era appointee and has already denied motions filed by Trump’s defense team regarding sharing evidence related to his ongoing criminal case. Trump’s team claims the order Chutkan upheld limits Donald Trump’s freedom of speech, but she remains steadfast in enforcing the protective order against the president.

Trump’s legal team hasn’t filed a motion for recusal in the case Chutkan oversees but has confirmed their intention to seek a venue change from the Washington, D.C., trial location. Trump’s attorneys hope to change the venue to West Virginia, a state they believe will provide Trump with an impartial trial.