Harris Makes Up VP Approval Ratings

(NationalUSNews.com) — Vice President Kamala Harris is being mocked relentlessly on social media sites like Twitter for her claim that she has phenomenal polling numbers, a patently false statement. Harris claims she has “great approval ratings” in response to questions about her abysmal polling numbers and why she isn’t popular among American voters.

Harris claims she’s performing well among all demographics, but in fact she maintains the lowest approval rating of any Vice President in history. According to NBC News Polls, Harris currently has a net approval rating of negative 17 percent, the lowest performance in NBC News poll history. The NBC poll found that 32 percent of voters hold positive feelings toward Harris, with 49 percent holding a negative view of President Biden’s Vice President.

Harris’ approval rating is the lowest recorded approval of any Vice President in NBC News polling history, which has been ongoing for more than 30 years. Despite her horrible polling performance, Harris will run alongside President Biden during next year’s election and could even be eyeing her presidential bid for the 2028 election cycle.

While Harris’s performance is lacking, Democrat-centric polls paint a much more favorable view of the current vice president. According to a Suffolk University poll, around 86 percent of Biden voters are comfortable with Harris taking office should Biden be unable to complete his second term, a likely outcome given Biden’s status as the oldest United States president in history. Biden hasn’t commented on the possibility of Harris taking office should he become unable to continue, but many voters believe such an outcome is inevitable. Biden has consistently supported Harris and commented on her in public appearances, and he will likely give her more responsibilities moving forward.

Harris isn’t just polling poorly, but she’s also at the center of an ongoing rivalry with GOP hopeful and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over Florida’s curriculum regarding slavery. DeSantis even invited Harris to discuss the curriculum with him, an offer the vice president denied. Harris’s decision to deny DeSantis’s invitation concerns many, who believe the potential future chief executive should be open to discussion with political rivals. While Harris is facing criticism for her refusal to join DeSantis for political discourse, she will likely remain the second most popular Democrat behind President Joe Biden.

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