Has Ron DeSantis Suspended His Campaign? What We Know

(NationalUSNews.com) — Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida and GOP presidential candidate, is temporarily suspending his presidential campaign to prepare Florida for an upcoming tropical storm. The decision to pause DeSantis’s campaign is causing speculation that the GOP hopeful might be dropping out of the race entirely, but his team denies such rumors.

DeSantis confirmed that his upcoming campaign trail stops in South Carolina are canceled, and he intends to remain in Florida until Tropical Storm Idalia passes. To help make navigation easier for Florida residents, DeSantis is suspending tolls for roads along Florida’s west coast. Despite claims that DeSantis will remain in the presidential race, Donald Trump fueled speculation by claiming DeSantis might be considering a senatorial race against Rick Scott, a Florida Senator. Trump’s statement is likely false, as DeSantis polls decently among GOP voters, although his support is dropping with each new survey. DeSantis will likely remain in the presidential race and resume his campaign once the threat of a tropical storm is over.

DeSantis is making headlines for being booed during his appearance at a vigil held for the victims of the tragic hate crime shooting in Jacksonville, Florida. DeSantis attempted to speak to the audience but faced heavy booing while discussing the shooter and how his values don’t align with traditional Florida beliefs. Many claim the appearance was a disingenuous attempt by DeSantis to appear sympathetic, as DeSantis failed to acknowledge Florida’s gun control laws, which made it possible for the shooter to acquire a firearm legally.

DeSantis is even being directly blamed for the shooting by some Florida citizens, including a Florida lawmaker, who claims DeSantis’s “anti-woke” policies allowed the shooter to commit the heinous act. Such claims aren’t substantiated but will likely be echoed by Democratic officials seeking to discredit DeSantis’s campaign. DeSantis’s popularity is declining, and with the ongoing shooting controversy and the looming tropical storm, the GOP hopeful’s presidential campaign is likely facing an uphill battle moving forward.

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