Hawaii Dem Senator Blames Climate Change For Tragic Maui Fire

(NationalUSNews.com) — A Democratic senator from Hawaii discussed the tragic Maui wildfire that killed over 100 people and claimed that climate change was responsible for the terrible natural disaster. Brian Schatz stated that climate change will cause more severe weather incidents, such as wildfires, and warned that more people will lose their lives if climate change isn’t addressed soon.

Schatz’s claim draws heavy criticism from online audiences, some of whom believe the cause of the Maui wildfires was a man-made mistake. The official cause of the tragic fire isn’t known yet. Still, some citizens believe the incident began when strong winds downed powerlines near Maui, causing a small fire that grew into a natural disaster that engulfed Maui. Despite this potential man-made cause, Schatz claims that severe weather is the “new normal” for countries around the globe and speculates that similar events might occur in the future. Schatz confirmed that FEMA is working with the residents of Maui to provide relief and determine the total casualties from the wildfire, which remains unknown.

President Joe Biden visited Maui following the intense wildfire and drew heavy online backlash for comparing the mass casualty event to a kitchen fire that occurred 19 years ago. The kitchen fire started after lightning struck a pond near the Biden household before traveling through wires into the house, resulting in no casualties. The fire was over within 20 minutes, as Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, called the fire department immediately. Despite the apparent differences between the kitchen fire within the Biden household and the extreme wildfire that engulfed Maui and its surrounding region, Biden is attempting to use his personal experience to claim solidarity with families that lost their homes and loved ones. However, Biden didn’t discuss the potential cause of climate change as Schatz did.

Biden isn’t just receiving criticism from various online audiences, as Maui residents called out Biden for using the tragedy as a “multi-million dollar photo op.” Biden’s visit to the struggling residents of Maui came two weeks after the wildfire ravaged the town, as Biden was on vacation during the initial tragedy. Biden’s response to the Maui tragedy will likely influence his presidential efforts, as the president’s odd behavior regarding the wildfire concerns many citizens.

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