Hawaiian Businessman Alleged To Be Criminal Kingpin

(NationalUSNews.com) — Authorities recently accused a Hawaiian businessman of leading a massive criminal conspiracy, which included drug trafficking and ordering murders for revenge. Prosecutors claim that Michael Miske Jr. committed a series of felonies while running a criminal organization in Hawaii known as the Miske Enterprise. Miske allegedly ran the criminal conspiracy for over 20 years, which ended with his arrest in 2020. Police initially arrested Miske for the murder of Jonathan Fraser, a 21-year-old who knew Miske’s late son. Following Miske’s initial arrest, authorities uncovered evidence of a sprawling criminal network headed by Miske.

Prosecutors allege that Miske was involved in multiple murders, assaults, fraudulent transactions, chemical weapon usage, and drug trafficking. The federal court overseeing Miske’s trial has already begun the jury selection process, with some potential jurors fearing for their safety or the safety of their families. Among the most serious charges against Miske is the murder of Fraser, which prosecutors claim Miske committed as retribution for his son’s death. Fraser and Miske’s son, Caleb, were close friends and shared an interest in racing cars. During one incident, the two crashed, resulting in Caleb Miske’s death. Sometime later, Fraser’s girlfriend reported him missing, leading authorities to search Miske’s property.

Despite the raid on Miske’s property, authorities failed to find any evidence connecting him to Fraser’s disappearance. Shortly after the raid, a jury indicted Miske and ten other people for their role in the alleged criminal conspiracy, which prosecutors claim Miske headquartered in Kama’aina Termite and Pest Control, his extermination company. Prosecutors claim that Miske used his business as a money laundering front and a fraudulent place of employment for his co-conspirators. The indictment accuses Miske’s co-conspirators of carrying firearms and using multiple cellular devices, as well as coded messaging and secretive meetings meant to avoid law enforcement.

An anonymous source close to the investigation shared details about Miske’s activities in the area with a journalist for Bloomberg, including Miske’s various trips on his fishing boat. According to Bloomberg’s source, Miske often traveled to California from Hawaii on fishing trips but never seemed to have a large amount of fish during these travels. The source claimed that Miske may have used his fishing boat to transfer illegal substances to California, but any evidence about Miske using his fishing boat to transport contraband remains unclear.

Despite Miske’s ability to avoid detection for decades, prosecutors said they possess a mountain of evidence against the Hawaiian businessman. Authorities claim that Miske ran a drug trafficking operation, several fraud schemes, and licensing schemes, and participated in ordering the murders of rival criminals. If convicted for the murder of Fraser and the other felonious charges brought against him, Miske could spend the rest of his life in a federal prison. There are hundreds of witnesses testifying in Miske’s trial, meaning the trial could take over six months before the jury reaches a verdict.

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