High School Principal Caught in “Operation Naughty List”

(NationalUSNews.com) — Authorities arrested a high school principal from Sugar Land, Texas, after he allegedly attempted to solicit intercourse from an undercover officer. The arrest came from a sting known as “Operation Naughty List” and caught multiple suspects, including Clements High School Principal James Brian Shillingburg. Despite arresting Shillingburg for his involvement in the sting, authorities haven’t filed any charges against the high school principal.

According to Wesley Wittig, Fort Bend’s Assistant District Attorney, the prosecutors are reviewing Shillingburg’s arrest to determine if the evidence against Shillingburg is sufficient. Wittig claims that if the prosecution’s evidence is adequate, the prosecution will take the case before a grand jury, and authorities will seek an indictment. Wittig also clarified that authorities will drop the case if the evidence against Shillingburg isn’t satisfactory.

Multiple officers and detectives conducted Operation Naughty List to identify potential sex buyers and arrest them for solicitation. The goal of authorities was to reduce the prevalence of the demand for prostitution and protect victims from the prostitution industry. The sting unfolded at a hotel in Missouri City, which Shillingburg allegedly visited to hire a prostitute.

Before he arrived at the hotel, Shillingburg arranged a meeting with an undercover officer in one of the hotel rooms. After reaching the hotel, Shillingburg went to the arranged meeting and attempted to pay an officer for a lewd act. Authorities claim that Shillingburg paid an undercover officer $90 for multiple types of intercourse, prompting his arrest. Following his arrest, the Fort Bend School District placed Shillingburg on administrative leave, and a judge set Shillingburg’s bond at $5,000. Shillingburg posted his bond and is currently out of jail.

The sting also included officers posting on various websites to entice potential buyers into soliciting prostitution. Authorities claim they used websites known for advertising prostitution to attract other potential buyers to the hotel in Missouri City. The sting attracted 16 prospective buyers to the hotel, all of whom authorities arrested for solicitation.

Shillingburg isn’t the only staff member of Clements High School arrested for their involvement in the sex industry, as former Clements High School teacher Mason Reed McKie also faces similar charges in an unrelated case. McKie is accused of being involved in a human trafficking ring in Georgia and is currently in custody at the Fort Bend County Jail.

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