Highway Pursuit Ends In Masked Bandit Robbery

(NationalUSNews.com) — In southern California, people are not even safe from robbery while speeding down the Santa Monica Freeway, it seems. On October 24, a black Alfa Romeo was seen being rammed by another vehicle, and while still reeling from the crash, the driver was robbed by armed highway bandits. The thieves dashed out of the black Dodge Caravan, rummaged through the Alfa Romeo, and upon finding whatever it was they were looking for, they got into their waiting getaway car, a white Chevrolet Malibu, and sped away. The California Highway Patrol has confirmed that the caravan purposely ran the Alfa Romeo off the road.

Much of the video footage of the shocking roadside theft comes from the driver of a Ford Mustang that was also struck during the collision but was apparently not the target. As the incident is still under investigation, the California Highway Patrol is keeping key details, such as what was stolen and the identity of the driver, under wraps. California Highway Patrol Officer Roberto Gomez did say that the suspects were carrying crowbars and hammers, but it is not known if they had any firearms. The unnamed man who filmed the video of the robbery said that to him it seemed “definitely targeted” and that, in his opinion, the assailants knew “exactly what he had in the car.” He added that they were “coming for that.”

Rogelio Velasco was just a good Samaritan who pulled over with the intent of offering assistance in what he perceived as a simple car accident. He says his plan was to “see what was going on” and try to help. He saw the whole robbery play out before his eyes and even attempted pursuitpursuit, but was unable to keep up with the white Malibu as the bandits made their escape. CHP is continuing its investigation, but Los Angeles Police Protective League spokesperson, Tom Saggau believes that the steep increase in such open criminal activity is partially due to the elimination of cash bail for many offenses. He says that it is an “invitation to these kind of folks” who may be inclined to break laws in such a brazen manner.

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