HORROR Scene—189 Bodies Removed From Funeral Home

(NationalUSNews.com) — After receiving a report about a foul odor from a funeral home, authorities searched the home and uncovered human remains. According to reports, authorities found 189 bodies within the funeral home, prompting the FBI’s mass causality team to begin an in-depth investigation.

The bodies were discovered in the Return to Nature Funeral Home after the owners failed to make tax payments, received an eviction from one of its properties, and faced a lawsuit from a crematorium for unpaid bills. The Return to Nature Funeral Home practiced “green burials,” in which practitioners don’t use standard embalming fluids to maintain the remains. Authorities are attempting to identify the remains at the Return to Nature Funeral Home. Still, the efforts to identify the bodies will likely take a long time due to the heavily decomposed nature of the remains.

While police have found the remains of 189 individuals so far, some authorities believe the funeral home contained the bodies of over 200 or more people. The original estimated figure for the number of bodies was 115, but the number drastically rose once police began searching the premises. Authorities are attempting to notify the deceased’s family members but are struggling to identify each individual’s remains. Due to the heavy decomposition of the remains found by police, some bodies will likely remain unidentified. When asked about a potential timeline for completion regarding the identification of remains, the police cannot determine when each body will be identified.

The discovery of remains will likely prompt legal action against Return to Nature Funeral Homes, which faces accusations of improperly storing remains. Authorities haven’t confirmed if anyone will face criminal charges for the incident, but it seems incredibly likely authorities will press charges in the coming weeks. Even if criminal charges aren’t brought against the owners of Return to Nature Funeral Homes, the families of those found stored in the funeral home are likely to bring suit. Authorities are still working hard to determine how many individuals are stored in the funeral home and identify the remains found within the green burial business.

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