Hundreds Seek Compensation for Abuse by J-Pop Agency Founder Johnny Kitagawa

( — Johnny Kitagawa, one of Japan’s top talent agents who died in 2019, is now accused of sexually abusing hundreds of individuals during his life. The victims of Kitagawa’s alleged abuse are currently seeking compensation for his crimes, and more than 400 people have come forward with claims against Kitagawa.

Of the victims seeking recovery for Kitagawa’s act, approximately 125 are former talents who worked with Kitagawa’s agency during their careers. According to some reports, Kitagawa’s abuse wasn’t entirely secret, as some people claim there were active attempts to hide the abuse sustained by Kitagawa’s victims. Despite these claims, any indication of widespread efforts to cover Kitagawa’s actions remains unproven.

Although the claims against Kitagawa were covered by the mainstream media following a documentary about the talent agent, allegations against Kitagawa have been regularly brought up for decades. Some victims even proved they sustained abuse from Kitagawa in civil court, but Kitagawa never faced criminal charges for his actions.

Kitagawa’s influence on the iconic J-Pop genre cannot be understated, with some people claiming that stardom in Japan’s music scene required Kitagawa’s approval. Kitagawa’s media empire provided him with immense resources, which he used to prevent litigation for his crimes against boys until his death. Now that Kitagawa’s actions are receiving international media attention, victims are confirming the rumors surrounding Kitagawa and his talent agency for decades.

After the documentary’s release, Kitagawa’s former talent agency, Johnny and Associates, announced it would split into two entities in response to the fallout of Kitagawa’s abuse. One of the entities will be dedicated to compensating the Kitagawa victims. The agency also confirmed the entities will be changing their names to avoid any association with Johnny Kitagawa and the heinous abuse he committed throughout his life. According to the agency, Kitagawa’s abuse dates back to the 1970s and likely encompassed many victims that will remain unknown for various reasons. Although the allegations are damning to the talent agency and the stars it represents, those running the media company remain committed to maintaining its influential status as a key member of the J-Pop community.

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