Hunter Biden Legal Team Not Getting Along With White House

( — The decision made by Hunter Biden to hire the legal team representing him has reportedly put some tension on his relationship with the White House. Which is due in large part to his top attorney causing a number of issues with individuals involved in a few of President Joe Biden’s son’s legal cases. Hunter hired popular D.C. lawyer Abbe Lowell back in December of 2022 to help add a bit of aggression to his team’s approach to his defense, The Daily Caller said.

The hiring of Lowell comes as the younger son of Joe Biden faces a major legal case concerning his illegitimate daughter, Navy Joan Roberts and child support payments he is supposed to be making to help provide for her needs. There are also GOP investigations going on and a probe concerning a possible gun charge.

The New York Post is reporting that Bob Bauer, the elder Biden’s personal legal representative, was shocked by the addition, but did later hold a private meeting with Lowell, his wife, and one senior adviser to the president, along with White House special counsel Dick Sauber.

Lowell was an important player during the impeachment proceedings of former President Bill Clinton back in the 90s and ended up throwing lifelines to Democrats John Edwards and Sen. Bob Menendez, keeping the two men from being convicted on federal corruption charges back in 2012, 2017.

According to a report published by Fox News, Hunter chose to hire Lowell without getting advice from any of the president’s top people, which is what kicked things up a notch and started the downward spiral in relations between the White House and the legal team.

The White House is really unhappy with Biden’s legal team seeking to create a legal defense fund. There are, reportedly, a great number of high-level Democrats who are very concerned about President Biden’s son trying to raise money to pay for his legal troubles.

Anthony Coley, a former spokesman for the Justice Department, said that in order for this fund to actually work, things need to be super transparent and have restrictions that would prohibit those who live in foreign countries from being able to contribute, along with lobbyists.

It seems the White House does not believe these safety measures will be taken by Hunter Biden’s lawyers.

A previous attorney, Josh Levy, stepped down from his post after Lowell was hired. There’s also been a lot of communication issues between the team at the White House and Hunter’s team, which is something Biden administration legal advisers have told Lowell to improve.

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