Hunter Biden’s High-Roller Network Exposed By Emails

( — According to emails dating back to the Obama Administration, Hunter Biden is heavily tied to numerous white house aides and cabinet members, raising questions about the influence Joe Biden’s son has within the White House. Fox News analyzed the emails and found connections between Hunter Biden and Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Evan Ryan.

Jake Sullivan was a member of the Truman National Security Project’s board alongside Hunter Biden and now serves as Joe Biden’s national security adviser after joining Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. Blinken is the current Secretary of State for President Biden and met with Hunter Biden during the Obama administration when he was serving as the Deputy Secretary of State while Hunter Biden held a position with the Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma.

Ryan is the wife of Antony Blinken and serves as a White House cabinet secretary. She communicated with Hunter Biden and his business associates during her time working for the Obama administration. While the emails don’t indicate any overt criminality, they raise questions about how much influence Hunter Biden could have with key members of his father’s administration.

Hunter Biden has been in national headlines for months, due to various controversies and even allegations of taking part in a foreign bribery scheme. Top Republicans are now investigating Hunter Biden to determine if he used his father’s influence for monetary gain, as indicated by various sources including a whistleblower the FBI has deemed “reliable.” Despite the overwhelming evidence that the younger Biden used his father’s status as Vice President to secure favors and potentially money, criminal repercussions remain a highly unlikely outcome for the various scandals.

Hunter Biden has avoided jail time for his various criminal cases so far, striking a plea deal that would only result in him getting probation for multiple tax offenses. The offenses in question are related to the younger Biden willingly neglecting to pay his income taxes, but these are only misdemeanor offenses. Although Biden has reached a plea for his tax offenses, there’s still a pending felony gun charge case he’ll have to address before his legal troubles are concluded.

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