ICE Said the Agency Arrested 171 Undocumented Migrants

( — On Thursday, February 1, Democrat Governor of New York Kathy Hochul responded to a video of a group of seven migrant men allegedly beating a pair of New York Police officers by saying they should all be sent back. She then made a comment suggesting that migrants aren’t allowed to attack officers or anyone else. Lack of security and background checks at the border are contributing to such an atmosphere of violence that even members of the traditionally pro-unlimited immigration Democratic Party are beginning to show signs of fraying.

While the border remains easily breached and there is no effort to stanch the continuous flow of foreign nationals into the United States, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has decided to focus their efforts on those illegal immigrants with criminal records in an attempt to restrain the crime that comes with the influx. ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) conducted a nationwide crackdown from January 16 to January 28 resulting in the arrests of 171 immigrants who were in the country illegally and are facing charges for serious crimes that include murder and assault of children.

Speaking with reporters on Thursday, February 1, ICE Acting Director Patrick J. Lechleitner said that the arrests they made were “very bad individuals” that ICE wished to get off the streets. He added that among them were more than 100 sex offenders. Included among the mass arrests were a 45-year-old Mexican citizen who had been convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child, a 32-year-old Mexican citizen convicted of Murder 1, and a 53-year-old citizen of El Salvador with convictions for felony child molestation and rape. While some may be deported, others may be facing federal criminal prosecution for their crimes.

During 2023, ICE arrested 73,822 non-citizens, who ended up with 290,178 criminal charges and convictions among them. The Biden administration has been facing increasing criticism both from Republican officials and citizens across the political spectrum due to sharp increases in illegal immigration and changes in policy that have essentially decriminalized entering the country illegally. Crossing over the border illegally is no longer enough to consider a non-citizen a priority for removal. Pivoting from all illegal immigration to focus their attention on the illegal immigration of violent offenders is a way for ICE to maintain their central objective, which is to keep America safe.

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