If He Wins A Second Term, Trump Wants to Reinstate Mental Institutions

(NationalUSNews.com) — Former President Donald Trump announced his plan to reinstate mental institutions if he wins a second term, claiming the policy will help ease the nationwide homelessness crisis. Trump also stated his planned policy would include a ban on “urban camps,” large tent cities constructed by the homeless that encourage crime and drug use.

Trump’s intention to reinstate mental institutions is drawing heavy criticism from political opponents due to the inhumane treatment associated with mental facilities during the 20th century. Mental institutions largely disappeared by the 1990s, as staff often abused or assaulted patients and failed to provide them with adequate mental treatment. Trump claims the reinstated facilities wouldn’t be inhumane, however, and that his administration will provide alternative mental health care to people struggling with mental issues. Trump seems primarily focused on preventing a rise in homelessness, claiming that those suffering from severe mental illnesses will be taken off the street and reintegrated into society upon their recovery.

Trump’s proposed plan received support from Stuart Harney, a popular talk show host known for Varney and Co., who claims the reinstatement of mental institutions will help the ongoing mental health crisis in the United States. Harney said that the Biden Administration isn’t addressing the prevalence of mental illness among American citizens, and the failure to focus on the nation’s mental health is causing a variety of issues for the country. Harney claims that the mentally deranged are “taking over the streets” and that Donald Trump’s policy is a step in the right direction. Harney acknowledged the plan as controversial but expressed support nonetheless.

Donald Trump isn’t the only Republican presidential candidate who discussed the possibility of reopening mental institutions, as failed candidate and former Governor Mike Pence discussed reopening mental facilities during his campaign. Pence cited his experience as the first governor in 30 years to open a mental hospital.

Pence dropped out of the presidential race this past week, but it seems Donald Trump shared his stance on reinstating mental hospitals. Trump’s proposed plan received heavy criticism from online audiences, but many Republican figureheads, like Harney, are expressing support for the reopening of mental health facilities.

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