Internet Calls For Biden’s Removal After He Falls In Public

( — President Joe Biden’s latest public embarrassment has many people calling for the US Government to invoke the 25th Amendment, which deals with presidential succession in the event of a president being disabled or dying while in office. Biden fell over following the conclusion of his speech at the Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony, tripping over a sandbag. Biden’s fall was particularly brutal, and he needed the help of various members on stage to get back up. The fall serves as the latest public Biden gaffe, and has caused a large number of online commenters to call for Biden’s removal from office. Among the most common criticisms are that Biden’s fall wouldn’t get covered by the media, and that Biden is becoming too old to fulfill his duties as the president. Despite these criticisms it doesn’t seem likely that the 25th Amendment will be enacted, and Biden will remain in office for as long as he is physically able to.

Biden’s previous gaffes have typically highlighted his declining mental faculties, such as an incident in which he called for a deceased congresswoman to identify herself. Biden’s public appearances have been riddled with him appearing lost, mumbling, repeating sentences and becoming irate. Despite these flaws, the media has remained mostly silent about Biden’s various mistakes, and what those mistakes might mean in terms of his own capability of running the country.

Biden’s fall at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony isn’t even the first time Biden has collapsed in public. Biden once fell on the stairs of the aircraft used by US Presidents, Air Force One. Biden’s initial fall happened years ago, but it happened a second time just months ago during his trip to Poland. Biden’s various physical and mental mistakes are a massive cause of concern for many, who feel as though Biden shouldn’t remain in office. At 80 years old Biden is the oldest president in US history, a fact that becomes clearer with each of his highly embarrassing public gaffes.

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