Jack Smith Intends to Push for a Speedy Trial

(NationalUSNews.com) — Special Counsel Jack Smith intends to push for a speedy trial in the latest indictment against Donald Trump, which alleges the former president used his influence and position to influence the outcome of the 2020 election. Smith investigated Trump’s involvement in the 2020 riots and the now infamous January 6th incident for weeks, ending with another indictment against the former president.

Trump’s involvement in the 2020 riots is questionable. Smith remains adamant that he acted illegally and used his status as the chief executive to prevent the results of the last presidential election. Donald Trump isn’t the only official that Smith’s team is investigating, as Smith stated there are other officials under investigation regarding their conduct during the tumultuous 2020 election. Smith confirmed he intends to pursue a speedy trial concerning the latest charges against Donald Trump and thanked the Federal Bureau of Investigation for its help during the investigation process.

The indictment against Trump is the third indictment brought against the former president in months and will play a heavy role in next year’s presidential election. Trump has pleaded not guilty to the other charges against him and will likely plead not guilty again in the Smith investigation charges.

Trump hasn’t commented on the latest indictment beyond proclaiming his innocence and questioning the integrity of Smith. While Trump claims he is innocent, his ongoing legal battles will be at the center of next year’s Republican primaries. Trump is involved in multiple criminal cases in New York, Florida, and Washington. Despite his ongoing legal battles, Trump has announced he will not drop out of next year’s election, even if he’s found guilty and sentenced to time behind bars.

Smith’s probes will not end following the indictment of Trump and will likely implicate other Republican officials involved in the 2020 election controversy. Smith stated he intended to investigate all parties involved and bring them to justice. While Smith denies allegations that his indictments are politically motivated, many officials and citizens feel Smith is weaponizing his position to target President Joe Biden’s political opponents ahead of next year’s election.

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