James Woods May Be Suing The DNC—Here’s What We Know

(NationalUSNews.com) — According to an unconfirmed post on X, formerly known as Twitter, James Woods allegedly plans to sue the Democratic National Committee for ruining his acting career. Woods regularly discusses the DNC’s effect on his life in press appearances, claiming he’s been a target of the Democratic Party for six years.

Woods claims that the DNC attempted to censor him for sharing unflattering photographs of President Biden’s son, Hunter. After sharing the photos on Twitter, the DNC allegedly contacted the social media platform multiple times to request the removal of the pictures. The requests became public after Elon Musk bought Twitter and rebranded the social media platform when the eccentric billionaire released internal documents detailing communications between Twitter employees and the DNC.

The lawsuit is the latest legal scandal surrounding Woods, who’s been the subject of multiple legal actions over the past few years. One woman sued Woods after he shared a photo of her next to another photo of a woman in a Trump shirt doing a Nazi salute. The two photos featured two distinct women, prompting a defamation lawsuit against Woods. Woods eventually won the lawsuit but remains adamant that the DNC originated the lawsuit against him.

Before the defamation lawsuit, Woods sued a deceased person’s estate for defamation due to claims that Woods is a drug addict, with the dead person’s representatives settling for an undisclosed amount out of court. Woods made national headlines recently after he criticized Elon Musk’s decision to add blocking to X, claiming the policy violated free speech. Although Woods isn’t currently pursuing legal action against the DNC officially, the disgraced actor announced his intention to sue the Democratic National Committee soon.

The rumors surrounding the lawsuit caused Woods to trend on X, prompting speculation that a lawsuit will materialize in the coming weeks. Woods’ primary complaint against Democrats stems from his decline in popularity over the past few years, with Woods claiming that he’s “not a celebrity anymore” due to the constant legal battles and controversies surrounding the actor. Woods isn’t confirming if a lawsuit against the DNC will begin soon, but he told Tucker Carlson he will be suing the DNC to “stand up” for every American’s rights.

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