Jill Biden Gears Up For Biden’s 2024 Campaign

(NationalUSNews.com) — First Lady Jill Biden has begun preparing for President Joe Biden’s 2024 election campaign, as she’s started public appearances that seek to secure support and donations for her husband’s reelection efforts.

Jill Biden has been active in previous election seasons, including the 2022 midterm season, where she campaigned for various Democratic candidates. She is now scheduled to appear at multiple different events for a three day fundraising chain, in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

To some observers it seems odd that the First Lady, rather than the President himself, is heading up these events. This choice may have been influienced by President Biden’s reluctance to face media scrutiny as a bribery allegation scandal currently surrounds his administration.

President Biden’s campaign for reelection had a slow start back in May 2023, which caused some Democrats to worry about whether or not the aging Biden could retain the popularity he once had back in 2020. Despite these apprehensions the Biden campaign claims there are multiple pathways to secure reelection in the upcoming 2024 season. Biden seems likely to be the Democratic candidate for 2024, but he is facing some challengers from within his own party. One such challenger is Robert F. Kennedy Junior, the son of beloved US Senator and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

Kennedy has been publicly against Biden on several key issues, and even made headlines when he announced he was seemingly against other top Democrats on the issue of vaccinations. Despite this controversy Kennedy is gaining traction in his own presidential campaign efforts, with some Democrats themselves call for Biden to debate Kennedy ahead of the election. Although Biden is facing calls from within his own party to debate Kennedy, such an event seems unlikely, especially given Biden’s lackluster public appearances over the past year. While Kennedy will likely not secure the Democratic nomination, Biden may still face an uphill battle during 2024’s election season.

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