John Fetterman Branded A Slob

( — Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman is the subject of growing online scrutiny, with some commenters branding him a “revolting slob” in response to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s decision to prevent further enforcement of a dress code for members of the congressional body. Fetterman is infamous for his lack of decor during public events and often appears before members of the press in a hoodie and gym shorts. Fetterman’s lack of decorum prompts heavy backlash from citizens, who believe an elected representative should exhibit some signs of professionalism on the national stage. Despite the constant criticism, Fetterman refuses to wear formal attire unless required, which will no longer be the case for the Senate. According to Schumer, senators can wear whatever clothing they please on the Senate floor. However, other staffers, like interns or secretaries, will be forced to adhere to the old dress code or face potential repercussions. Many feel as though Fetterman is the dominant cause of the policy change, given his outspoken disdain for the unspoken formal dress code and his failure to adhere to it.

Schumer’s decision to lighten the dress code for senators will enable Fetterman to remain on the floor during votes and discussions and permit his relaxed attire at all times. Many feel as though Fetterman is the primary cause of Schumer’s decision, but Schumer denies making any decisions based on other Democratic official’s behavior. Despite the dress code being abandoned by Schumer, many senators will continue to wear formal attire, drawing even more attention to Fetterman’s relaxed attire. Some speculate the negative media attention of Fetterman is encouraging the dress code change, though such claims are unsubstantiated.

After being elected, Fetterman initially adhered to the formal dress code requirement but opted for his now infamous casual look after returning to the Senate following a mental health episode. Fetterman checked into a hospital for help with his clinical depression, and upon returning to his elected position, he rarely wears formal clothing unless required by the dress code. Although many blame Fetterman’s mental health struggle for his relaxed clothing and lack of decorum, Fetterman was known for his laid-back attire before being elected to the Senate.

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