Kamala Harris Poll Shows What Happens If Biden Leaves

(NationalUSNews.com) – A recent poll conducted by Suffolk University and USA Today showcased Kamala Harris’ approval rating within her own party, and how voters would feel if she had to step in to complete Biden’s second term in the event he wasn’t able to finish it himself. 

According to the poll most Democrats are “very comfortable” with the idea of Harris becoming President, with 86% of Biden voters reporting that they wouldn’t mind if Harris became commander and chief should Biden be unable to remain in office. Interestingly the poll also indicates that in the overall Democratic Party, Harris has an approval rating of around 73%. 

Harris has become the focus of some Republicans recently who claim that should Biden be reelected. it’s almost certain Harris would need to take his place. Nikki Haley said that a “vote for Biden is actually a vote for Harris.” Despite her higher approval ratings within the Democratic Party, Harris has an abysmal approval rating of just 37% amongst all demographics.

It seems as though the Democratic Party is attempting to bolster Harris ahead of the 2024 election, going so far as to provide the Vice President with a $10 million campaign boost. While Harris is quite popular among Democratic demographics, she lacks widespread support from Independents. This could hinder her efforts should she need to take over for an ailing Biden. 

Harris also faces criticisms for public behavior, as she’s been seen laughing over key issues when questioned about topics like immigration or inflation. Harris has also been accused of lacking experience due to her age, which has served as another reason many feel apprehensive about the idea of her taking Biden’s place. 

Despite Harris’ decent approval ratings from within her own party, her support has dropped a few points since the start of the year, marking a decline in popularity. Harris is already confirmed to return as Biden’s running mate in 2024, so this marked decline isn’t too substantial in terms of determining the current Vice President’s future.

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