Kari Lake Makes $10 Million Ad Push In Her Senate Campaign

(NationalUSNews.com) — Kari Lake has started a new advertisement push for her ongoing Senate campaign, which saw her spend more than $10 million on ads against her political opponent, Representative Ruben Gallego (D-Arizona).

Gallego’s campaign has spent approximately $19 million on campaign ads that focused heavily on Lake’s outspoken opposition to abortion and has maintained a steady lead over Lake regarding fundraising and donations. Despite Gallego’s financial advantage, Lake’s latest $10 million ad push could turn the tide for the tight senatorial race, as political experts aren’t sure which candidate could win the highly coveted senate position.

Lake’s ad push will start in the next few weeks, with an Arizona-wide ad that cost her campaign $675,000. The first ad against Gallego will focus on immigration, a prominent issue for Arizona voters, and could see Lake’s support base grow within the state. Lake has heavily campaigned on immigration and cited border security as her top concern upon taking office, while Gallego has focused primarily on abortion during his campaign appearances. Gallego briefly addressed immigration during his senatorial campaign, and the representative also promised voters that he would address border security once elected to the Senate seat.

Lake and Gallego’s Senate race could have a massive impact on the 2024 presidential election, as the state is one of the few that could vote either Republican or Democrat once the election officially begins. Political experts believe a Lake or Gallego victory would sway the state in favor of the candidates’ respective parties, resulting in a potential win for the Republican or Democratic presidential nominee. Various political organizations have tried to categorize Arizona as Republican or Democrat, but results remain inconclusive.

Gallego maintains a slim lead over Lake in Arizona polls. The representative’s polling performance is 45%, four points ahead of Lake’s 41%. Lake could gain the lead following her latest ad push and help sway Arizona voters to vote Republican in the 2024 presidential election. Although Gallego outperforms Lake by four percent amongst the state’s voters, the opposite rings true for the 2024 presidential candidates. Former President Donald Trump maintains a substantial lead over President Joe Biden within Arizona, with the former president having 49% of the Arizona vote compared to Biden’s 41%.

While Lake trails behind Gallego within Arizona, the two candidates’ performances fall within the margin of error, indicating that Lake could still win even if her ad push fails to gain a substantial following. Despite Gallego’s lead over her throughout the state, Lake maintains that she’ll win the 2024 senatorial race and regularly praises Trump during her campaign appearances.

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