Karine Jean-Pierre Blasted Over ‘Bidenomics’ Comment

(NationalUSNews.com) — White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is facing criticism for disagreeing with a Twitter fact check that proved President Joe Biden’s claim that wages were “stronger than ever” wasn’t accurate. Jean-Pierre said the Biden Administration welcomes dispute from independent fact-checkers but that the White House simply disagrees.

After her statement, Jean-Pierre received heavy criticism from social media users, some of whom started calling her “Pinocchio.” Jean-Pierre went on to state that the White House was looking at statistics from 2021, which indicated that current wages are higher than wages were during the height of the global pandemic. Despite these claims, many voters lack confidence in President Biden’s handling of the economy, which remains a top issue among voters from all demographics. Biden’s cabinet is aware of the lack of voter confidence and has even gone on tour to tout the successes of Biden’s economic plan.

President Biden’s latest stop on his “Bidenomics” tour was the Pittsburgh region, where he met with community leaders and business owners to discuss workplace development and investment. While Biden’s campaign has heavily relied on this “Bidenomics” tour to bolster his support among independent and moderate voters, the American public isn’t convinced. The economy is a top issue among all demographics and remains one of Biden’s most sensitive areas. Biden has constantly faced criticism from both sides of the aisle regarding his policies geared toward economic development, which failed to provide middle-class Americans with a noticeable improvement. Despite the lack of confidence from voters, Biden has constantly touted his economic policies as some of his best achievements.

Biden’s attempts to strengthen the American economy have worked to a degree, but many wonder if the aging president can maintain the improvement for much longer. Biden’s inflation reduction act managed to slow the inflation rate and help stabilize the job market, but the economy still lags where it was just three years ago under Donald Trump. Biden’s economic policy will be a hot topic for the upcoming presidential election and a pivotal issue for many undecided voters moving forward.

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