LAPD Assistant Chief Accused of Stalking Subordinate

( — The Assistant Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, Alfred Labrada, is accused of monitoring and stalking another officer with whom he had a romantic relationship. According to reports, Labrada used Apple “Air Tags” to track his subordinate and know her location.

After the victim found the tag, police quickly tracked the tag back to Labrada’s cellphone. Labrada joined the LAPD in 1993 and was promoted to Assistant Chief last year. Labrada denies the allegations and even hired civil and criminal attorneys to assist him. Despite Labrada’s claims, the LAPD is taking action to investigate Labrada and other officers to ensure proper conduct amongst the police department employees. Labrada is currently on administrative leave but will likely face termination if the investigation into his conduct indicates criminal behavior.

According to Los Angeles’ Police Chief Michael Moore, Labrada’s position as an assistant chief will not provide him with extra protection, and he will be subject to the same consequences as any officer caught stalking. An outside agency and the Los Angeles Police Department are currently investigating Labrada. According to Moore, the LAPD will closely work with the external agency to compile evidence. While Labrada will likely face criminal charges, Moore did not state if any legal action will commence soon. Labrada’s attorneys claim the officer did not act inappropriately but is instead the victim of mischaracterization by Los Angeles media. Despite these claims, Labrada is facing time in prison if caught.

The investigations into Labrada started after the Ontario Police Department filed a complaint against the senior officer, claiming that Labrada was the only officer capable of planting the device. Labrada is accused of stalking his subordinate and faces up to five years in prison if a felony stalking charge is brought against him. If Labrada faces a misdemeanor charge instead, he faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Although legal action against Labrada is underway, the investigations into the assistant chief indicate future criminal charges will materialize. Despite the mounting evidence against him, Labrada claims he’s innocent and denies stalking his subordinate officer.

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