Latest Evidence of Bigfoot Sighting Was a Hoax

( — A couple recently posted a video that seemingly proved Bigfoot existed, as the mythical creature can be seen walking a field in broad daylight on clear footage. The couple quickly shared the video on social media, prompting others to share the amazing discovery and turn the video into a viral post.

After just a few days, residents debunked the video and confirmed that the Bigfoot seen in the footage is a local prankster who enjoys confusing tourists by roleplaying a sasquatch. According to people who live near Durango, Colorado, the creature seen in the video is a local man who regularly dresses up in confusing attire and positions himself at odd angles near the train tracks the couple rode during the video.

While the couple believed they had tangible evidence of Bigfoot’s existence, online commenters weren’t convinced. Many commenters pointed out that the creature in the viral video seemed to have shades on its head, sparking online jokes about Bigfoot being “a cool guy.” While the couple is likely saddened by the sighting’s lack of validity, many online audiences enjoyed the video and claimed it was “all in good fun.”

The sighting occurred during the couple’s tenth-anniversary celebration when Shannon Parker and her husband rode a train from Durango to Silverton in Colorado. The Parkers then saw a mysterious shape moving across a field across from the tracks and noticed its distinctly humanoid shape against the grass behind it. Following the initial discovery of the creature, the two began filming the incident. Parker then posted it to Facebook and claimed their sighting proved Bigfoot’s existence.

The Bigfoot sighting became viral, and commenters began pointing out the oddities surrounding the sighting. Some commenters claimed the creature might’ve been a hunter in a grass ghillie suit, and others claimed the “Bigfoot” in the video wore sunglasses. Durango residents were unconvinced, however, as Bigfoot sightings regularly stem from the location in the video due to the actions of an unknown local.

The video of the Bigfoot sighting entertained many and provided levity during a tense time of international conflict for online audiences. While the sighting is known to be another hoax, many remain hopeful that Bigfoot is real and that someone will eventually capture the elusive creature on video in the coming years.

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