Lawyer Writes Himself Into Client’s Will In Bizarre Murder For Hire Plot

( — Michigan authorities have successfully convicted an attorney for his involvement in a murder-for-hire plot, which saw the attorney write himself into a client’s will before having a hitman kill him.

The attorney in question, Marco Bisbikis, hired another man to kill his client after he wrote himself into his client’s will. According to prosecutors, Bisbikis wanted access to his client’s trust fund, which contained several million dollars. While a jury found Bisbikis and his codefendant, Ron Larry, guilty of the heinous murder, the two murder-for-hire conspirators won’t have an official sentence until June 12.

Bisbikis first came up with the murder-for-hire plot after he helped the victim, Dan Hutchinson, with various legal matters. Bisbikis ended up writing himself into Hutchinson’s will, which neither Hutchinson nor his wife wanted and began communicating with Ron Larry and several others about the potential plot. Bisbikis then hired Larry to kill both Hutchinson and his wife, which would’ve left Bisbikis as the sole inheritor of Hutchinson’s estate. Despite Larry’s attempted hit on both Hutchinson and his wife, only Hutchinson died in the initial assault.

The failed double murder occurred on June 1, 2022, near Detroit’s infamous 8 Mile area. Hutchinson and his wife had traveled to their jewelry store for an unknown reason, and as they attempted to leave, they encountered Ron Larry. Larry used an electric bicycle to ride up next to Hutchinson’s SUV and shot at Hutchinson and his wife 14 times before driving off. Hutchinson died instantly during the shooting, but his wife managed to survive and made a full recovery. Hutchinson’s wife testified against Larry and Bisbikis and confirmed that Bisbikis had written himself into her husband’s will against his wishes.

While Bisbikis and Larry were the two main conspirators behind the murder-for-hire plot, two other men also faced charges for the heinous murder. One of the men was Roy Larry’s cousin, while the other’s connection to the two suspects remains unclear. Both men accepted a plea deal for lesser charges and provided additional testimony for prosecutors during Bisbikis and Larry’s trial. Due to their involvement in the murder scheme, Bisbikis and Larry could spend life behind bars once sentenced. Neither Bisbikis nor Larry have commented on the murder-for-hire plot, nor have their attorneys released a statement responding to their conviction.

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