Leaked Audio Reveals Trump Discussing Military Secrets

(NationalUSNews.com) — An audio clip of Donald Trump discussing military secrets was released by CNN, in which the former president can be heard discussing various military issues and a potential attack on Iran during his time in office. The secrets in question were related to the different military policies during Trump’s time in office, with Trump telling the reporter he was speaking to about their highly classified nature. Trump called the documents “top secret” before discussing them further. The documents Trump can be heard discussing were compiled by General Mark Milley, who served under Trump during his office.

The audio clips are the latest development in the federal indictment controversy in which Trump is embroiled. Trump has remained defiant regardless of the audio being leaked and has even claimed that the tape serves as an exoneration. Trump is the first United States President to be charged with a federal offense and has pled not guilty to the thirty-seven different charges against him. Trump has already stated that even if he was convicted of the federal charges, he would not be dropping out of next year’s presidential election. Regardless of the constant controversies that surround Trump, the former president is still polling incredibly well amongst Republican voters.

Morning Consult conducted a poll that showed Donald Trump has actually surpassed President Biden in terms of support, which is the first time Trump has rated higher than Biden amongst voters. The poll results indicated that Trump had around forty-four percent of the vote, with Biden only having around forty-one percent. This is a marked decrease for Biden, who has consistently edged out higher support totals than Trump in polls so far. Trump’s popularity has been growing following his appearance at the annual Faith and Freedom Conference, where he spoke about the controversial topic of abortion and abortion rights. It would seem as though Trump is the most likely GOP candidate ahead of the 2024 election, and has even begun to outperform President Biden, the Democratic nominee for next year’s election.

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