Lindell Willing To Bankrupt His Business To Continue Fighting

( — According to Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, he would rather bankrupt his company than admit liability for making defamatory statements regarding the 2020 election results. Lindell claims he will “never settle” in the defamation suits against him and that he’d rather see his company go under than admit fault.

Lindell is facing multiple lawsuits from Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic for his claims that the companies actively interfered with the 2020 election results, which have since been proven false through multiple investigations over the past few years. According to both companies, Lindell’s fraud claims damaged their reputations among the American public. Lindell famously claimed the two voting organizations purposely rigged voting machines to steal votes from Donald Trump, thus ensuring President Joe Biden won the election. Lindell doubled down on his claims and remains adamant that outside parties influenced the 2020 election results.

Lindell’s decision to allow MyPillow to go bankrupt isn’t entirely shocking, as the disgraced CEO failed to pay his defense attorneys. According to Lindell’s legal representation, the CEO owes them millions in unpaid fees for their work in representing him in the defamation suit against him. Lindell’s legal team is also asking to withdraw from the case, citing Lindell’s failure to pay as a severe financial risk if they must remain attached to the legal battle. The attorneys claim that Lindell paid them regularly throughout 2022, but the payments stopped once his company’s financial status declined. Lindell acknowledged the claims and confirmed that his company is struggling financially due to his controversial election fraud claims.

Lindell confirmed to the press that he was “out of money” and understood his attorney’s desire to withdraw from his case. Lindell’s financial state became uncertain after MyPillow’s line of credit was reduced, causing the company to require outside funding to remain financially viable. Despite the difficulties facing MyPillow, Lindell remains confident that he can win the legal battles mounting against him and refuses to file bankruptcy. According to Lindell, he’ll continue fighting the defamation suits against him “until the bitter end.”

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