Male Nanny Faces Life in Prison for Assaulting 16 Youngsters Aged 2 to 12

( — A man who worked as a male nanny faces life in prison for assaulting children between two and sixteen years old. Having already been convicted for the heinous assaults, Matthew Antonio Zakrzewski faces over 600 years behind bars or life in prison.

Zakrzewski was convicted of 34 different felonies during his trial, including charges of manufacturing explicit material involving children. Zakrzewski’s sentence is currently undetermined, and he even had an opportunity to be released on bail. Authorities set Zakrzewski’s bail at $1 million, an astronomically high figure usually reserved for those accused of murder. Zakrzewski worked as a male nanny for various families, an occupation he used to gain access to unprotected minors without family members watching them. According to prosecutors, Zakrzewski spent years abusing children while avoiding detection, and there are likely additional victims who remain unknown.

Zakrzewski filmed many of the assaults he committed against the victims, all of whom were in his care as a nanny. Authorities first took notice of Zakrzewski in 2019 following an incident where a young couple reported an alleged assault on their child by Zakrzewski. Despite the couple claiming Zakrzewski inappropriately touched their eight-year-old child, authorities failed to arrest the male nanny immediately. Police instead launched a probe into Zakrzewski and quickly discovered additional victims across the Southern California region. Following the probe into the male nanny, police quickly arrested Zakrzewski and began a full investigation into the male nanny’s actions.

Zakrzewski operated multiple babysitting websites, allowing families to hire him relatively easily. Prosecutors claim that Zakrzewski used the websites to advertise his services with the intent of gaining unfettered access to children. According to prosecutors, the assaults occurred from 2014 to 2019 and involved more than 30 children. Zakrzewski will likely spend his life behind bars without the possibility of parole and subsequently die in prison. Zakrzewski’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for November 17. Authorities released a statement regarding the heinous acts and commended the young victims who came forward regarding the abuse for their bravery in aiding police with the investigation.

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