Man Cleared of Shooting YouTube Prankster Is Still Imprisoned

( — A delivery driver for the mobile food ordering service Doordash received an acquittal for the shooting of YouTube prankster Tanner Cook but remained imprisoned for another crime related to the controversial incident. The driver in question is Alan Colie, who shot Cook after Cook repeatedly approached him while playing an audio clip on his phone in Colie’s ear.

Colie asked Cook to back away multiple times, and after Cook ignored his requests for space, Colie shot Cook in the chest with a handgun at close range. Luckily for both men, the shooting wasn’t fatal, and Cook received medical attention shortly after the altercation. Officers arrested Colie and charged him with aggravated malicious wounding and malicious shooting inside an occupied building.

During his trial, Colie’s defense team argued that the delivery driver acted in self-defense when shooting Cook. According to Colie’s team, Colie asked Cook to leave him alone multiple times and felt threatened when Cook continued to invade his personal space. Cook is over six feet tall and towers over Colie in the video of the altercation that’s circulating on the internet. The jury seemingly agreed with Colie’s claims of self-defense and acquitted the delivery driver of malicious wounding following the trial.

Despite being acquitted of the shooting of Cook, Colie remains incarcerated for discharging a firearm inside an occupied building. The shooting occurred inside a mall, where Colie attempted to pick up a delivery order before encountering Cook. Colie’s team indicated they would challenge the validity of the second charge, but a potential acquittal seems unlikely given the circumstances of the shooting.

Colie will stand trial for the second gun charge, and a verdict is expected to be rendered soon after his October 19th trial date. The jury’s decision to acquit Colie of the malicious wounding charge will likely aid his defense, but the prosecution argues that Colie did not shoot Cook in self-defense. According to the prosecution, Colie didn’t reasonably fear for his life, and his decision to shoot Cook constitutes a malicious act. Although Colie received an acquittal in one charge, the case against the delivery driver is still developing.

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