Man Kills, Puts Murder Weapon up for Sale Minutes Later

( — In a strange story of murder, drugs, and vengeance, Harris County District Court Judge Andrea Beall has sentenced 20-year-old Siten Anney to 75 years in prison for the November 23, 2020, gun death of 22-year-old Trevor Alan Harrison. Anney apparently believed that Harrison was involved in the death of a friend of his, known as “K-boy”. As of this time, there is no evidence linking Harrison to that crime.

However, believing Harrison was involved in his friend’s death, Anney arranged a meeting with Harrison, pretending to be interested in buying prescription drugs from him. Harrison did meet him and was never seen alive again. Just 21 minutes after killing Harrison, Anney put the murder weapon up for sale online. After that, he spent the rest of the night waiting for news to break of Harrison’s death. When the news did report the death of Harrison, Anney took a screenshot of the online article and shared it with friends in celebration.

During the investigation, Siten Anney spoke voluntarily to the police and detailed many aspects of the murder, but he claimed it was a friend of his who had used Anney’s social media account to contact Harrison and who believed that he had something to do with the death of “K-Boy”. He stated that his friend had told him of his plans to kill Harrison and that he witnessed the murder and ran away after the fact.

A friend of Harrison’s says she heard him making the arrangements to sell prescription drugs to “Kboy’s younger brother.” using Facebook Messenger. She then dropped him off at the Humble, Texas, apartment complex, where he met his death. According to her, “K-Boy” was a friend of Harrison’s who’d been shot and killed within the last year.

During the examination of Harrison’s Facebook account, investigators found messages setting up a drug deal with a person using the account name “Y fn Baggin.” which was traced to Siten Anney. 

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