Man Nabbed at an Applebee’s With More Than 160 Stolen Firearms and Drugs

( — A man in Memphis, Tennessee, is in custody after being arrested at an Applebees with more than 160 stolen firearms and illicit substances. Authorities pulled Caderius Bailey over after he pulled into an Applebee parking lot, and officers noticed a strong scent of marijuana in the car. Following officers catching the scent of marijuana from the car, authorities detained Bailey and began searching the vehicle.

Upon further inspection, police found a gun on Bailey’s person and a plastic bag containing marijuana. The firearm police found on Bailey was tucked in his waistband and was a Glock 17. However, Bailey wasn’t the only person in the vehicle, as the vehicle’s owner was seated in the passenger seat during the crime.

Authorities quickly determined the firearm found in Bailey’s possession was one of 162 guns recently reported stolen and originated from Cabela’s Sporting Goods, a local store that sells firearms and other hunting supplies. Bailey faces charges of possessing a firearm during the commission of a felony and possession with intent to distribute multiple illicit substances, among other crimes.

Other drugs police found on Bailey’s person and in the vehicle include fentanyl and methamphetamine, two incredibly dangerous substances that authorities harshly punish people for owning. Following Bailey’s arrest, police found the other 161 guns reported stolen, indicating that Bailey was involved in the initial crime against Cabela’s Sporting Goods.

According to the vehicle’s owner, who has a revoked driver’s license, she picked Bailey up at his grandmother’s house and let him drive the vehicle. When the passenger picked Bailey up, he had a red backpack in his possession. The backpack contained multiple illicit substances, including the drugs mentioned earlier. Bailey is only 22 years old but faces a potential prison sentence of decades if convicted of the numerous charges against him. The details surrounding the arrest remain unclear, but police claim that Bailey is responsible for the stolen guns and will likely charge him with additional crimes following an investigation.

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