Man Sentenced to 30 Years for the Murder of His Girlfriend’s Baby

( — A Texas jury convicted a man for the murder of his girlfriend’s child, and he will now spend up to three decades in prison for the heinous act. Following a high-profile case, a jury convicted Bryce L. Ceaser of causing injury to a child, a felony offense, and aggravated assault, causing injury to a child. Both crimes are punishable by up to thirty years in prison, and Ceaser received the maximum sentence for each offense

Ceaser will serve both sentences concurrently, meaning he serves each simultaneously. Despite causing an infant’s death, Ceaser isn’t facing any murder or manslaughter charges for the incident. According to prosecutors and Ceaser’s admissions, Ceaser struck his girlfriend’s daughter while babysitting the child. Shortly after being struck by Ceaser, the child fell unconscious. Ceaser called 911, and the authorities transported the child to a local hospital, where she died hours later.

When investigators began looking into the infant’s suspicious death, Ceaser claimed he hit his girlfriend’s daughter after she began choking on crackers to help her. Ceaser became a suspect after an examination of the infant revealed several severe injuries, including brain hemorrhaging and suspicious bruising. A CT scan also revealed the infant suffered from a fractured skull. Shortly after the investigation began, Ceaser admitted to hitting the child when he wanted her to stop crying. According to prosecutors, Ceaser hit his girlfriend’s daughter after she interrupted him while he played a video game.

After serving at least 15 years in prison, Ceaser will become eligible for an early release but will likely fail any potential parole hearings. During his closing argument, District Attorney Tommy Coleman addressed the heinous crime and explained Ceaser’s possible motive for hitting the young girl. According to Coleman, Ceaser experienced frustration due to a lack of money and struck the child as a result.

The child’s mother, K’tirrah Stevens, also spoke during the trial about the events surrounding her child’s death. Stevens said that she received a call from Ceaser, in which he claimed her daughter began experiencing seizures. Stevens rushed home after the call and found her daughter unresponsive on a bed with a towel on her head. Stevens attempted to speak to her daughter, but the child only lightly moved her fingers before becoming completely unresponsive.

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