Marjorie Taylor Greene Backs Wild Theory Regarding Slovakia PM Shooting

( — A gunman recently shot and almost killed Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico, prompting a swarm of online speculation and conspiracy theories about the shooting and the shooter’s motive.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) is among the people alleging a deeper conspiracy behind Fico’s near-fatal shooting, which the Georgia representative claims resulted from Fico’s opposition to a World Health Organization policy known as the Pandemic Accord. Just hours after the shooting, Greene took to X, formerly Twitter, where she accused the WHO of shooting Fico for refusing the aforementioned accord. Greene hasn’t provided any evidence for her theory regarding Fico’s near-fatal shooting, despite media outlets attempting to contact her office.

The WHO has been discussing a potential Pandemic Accord since the international pandemic that temporarily shut down the world in 2020 and 2021. The proposed policy would see members of the WHO coordinate international travel policies to lessen the possibility of another global pandemic. The WHO’s leadership called for the accord and claimed that countries must cooperate and form an international pact or risk another devastating pandemic that could cause millions of deaths and economic hardship.

While the WHO has supported the concept of an international pact between its members, its members have yet to agree to any terms officially. The WHO’s leadership announced they would likely discuss the topic at the next World Health Organization general assembly, which will start on May 27th and last until June 1st. The proposed international pact has caused some conservative icons, including Greene and former FOX News personality Tucker Carlson, to take to social media and outwardly oppose the concept of an international agreement.

Carlson expressed his concerns about the proposed accord, which he claims could erode Americans’ First Amendment rights. Lawmakers, in particular, see the possible pact as a threat to countries’ sovereignty, as it would enable non-elected officials to draft international policy that could affect millions of people. The WHO has repeatedly addressed the concern for country sovereignty and claims it wouldn’t institute policy but rather facilitate international agreements.

Despite the WHO’s attempts to calm critics and assure them the Pandemic Accord wouldn’t limit people’s freedoms, conservative figures like Carlson and Greene aren’t convinced. Greene regularly bashes the WHO through her social media accounts and accuses the organization of working to limit human rights through coercive international policy.

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