Mayor Has “No Issue” With the Cop’s Onlyfans Photographs

( — The Minneapolis mayor’s office, under Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey, has issued a statement supporting police officers’ rights to have personal Onlyfans accounts, saying that if the issue is just “naked pictures behind a paywall” then the mayor has no problems with that.

However, the Minneapolis Police Department has launched an internal investigation after an unnamed Minneapolis police officer was recognized for her self-described “sexy content” by a citizen that she had pulled over in the course of her police duties. While having an Onlyfans page, or an additional occupation, is not illegal for police officers in Minnesota, they do have rules and ethics codes that may forbid current officers from working in the adult entertainment industry.

The Minneapolis Police Department released a statement saying that they take any policy violations seriously. In this case, the officer’s side job may violate regulations laid out for police in Minneapolis by several different ethics and behavior codes. The Minneapolis Police Department has a standing policy that officers are not allowed to work off duty in any establishment that offers adult entertainment, which includes “nude, semi-nude or topless exhibitions”. The Minnesota police officer’s standards and guidelines have conduct clauses that forbid officers from engaging in behavior that could discredit themselves or their agency, whether on duty or off duty. In addition, the Minnesota Law Enforcement Code of Ethics directs officers to keep their “ private life unsullied” as an example to all.

This is not the first time an active police officer has gotten into hot water regarding adult jobs they do in their off hours. Officer Janelle Zielinksi resigned from her position in the Detroit Police Department after being put on suspension and investigated for her OnlyFans adult entertainment career. The director of the Detroit Police Department’s Professional Standards section, Chris Graveline, also made reference to police officers being expected to keep their personal lives “unsullied” and pointed out that the police, whether on duty or off duty, represent not only the police department but also their city.

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