McCarthy Makes Startling Endorsement Just Days after Resignation

( — Just days after resigning from the House of Representatives, former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy made an abrupt endorsement of former President Donald Trump. McCarthy claimed that he believes Trump will win the 2024 presidential election. He also said that the Republicans would win more House of Representatives and Senate seats, winning a majority in both Congressional bodies.

During the endorsement, a reporter asked McCarthy if he’d serve on Trump’s cabinet if Trump succeeded in his re-election bid. According to McCarthy, he’d serve in Trump’s cabinet if Trump granted him the “right position.” McCarthy’s endorsement is shocking to many lawmakers, as the ousted speaker initially refused to endorse Donald Trump when asked about the former president’s re-election bid. McCarthy claims that he worked with Trump to pass policies successfully and that he and Trump are why the Republicans possess a majority in the House of Representatives.

McCarthy’s endorsement comes as other Republicans who originally opposed Trump begin expressing their support of the former president’s re-election campaign. Trump’s increasing support from lawmakers is likely due to the former president’s commanding lead over other Republican presidential hopefuls, who trail far behind Trump in polls. No other GOP candidates have broken ten percent in recent polls except for Trump, making the former president’s nomination seem imminent to many lawmakers and voters.

According to a poll from CNN, Trump is outperforming President Biden in Georgia and Michigan. Trump is now more popular than Biden in most key battleground states, indicating an uphill battle for Biden’s re-election campaign. The CNN poll’s respondents expressed more support for Trump by approximately five percent, giving Trump an approval rating of 49% compared to Biden’s 44%. During the 2020 presidential election, Biden won both states by a thin margin, but it seems Trump is now the new favorite to win both Georgia and Michigan.

Despite his declining popularity, Biden seems confident that he’ll secure re-election. Biden said he “doesn’t believe” polls indicating Trump’s lead over him in the battleground states and that he’ll win the 2024 election. Although Biden remains confident regarding his presidential campaign, reports indicate an uphill battle for the Biden administration due to his decline in popularity.

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