McCarthy Welcomes Taiwan President to California

( – Despite warnings from China, the United States and Taiwan are maintaining their political friendship and actively strengthening their common ground of democracy. Republican Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, will welcome the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, to his home state of California for a bipartisan meeting at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library near Los Angeles. Joined by Democratic Representative Pete Aguilar, also of California, the gathering is intended to maintain an open line of communication and support between the two countries as allies.

The meeting will be the second in over 25 years, as Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in person in August of 2022. Her visit prompted a threatening military response and encroaching presence from neighboring China. McCarthy’s California-based meeting is an attempt to avoid a similar situation for the Southeast-Asian island.

Rhetoric from Beijing promises major consequences in response to the meeting, suggesting further damage to any political ties between China and the United States. China counts Taiwan as its own territory, even though the island is self-governed. Enticing former allies from Taiwan by financial means such as loans, aid and investments, China has tightened the vice on Taiwan, attempting to isolate and control it. President Tsai’s travels abroad represent Taiwan’s efforts to maintain its status as its own democratic entity, as she is visiting and meeting with leaders of the island’s allies across South, Central and North America. The United States has supported a strong relationship with Taiwan for many years and throughout many presidential administrations, especially with regard to foreign trade, technology, investments and supply chain abilities, as well as democracy and education. President Tsai has made it known that Taiwan is stronger with its solid ties to America, and her diplomatic visits will strengthen worldwide friendships and help the island to avoid isolation.

McCarthy plans to go forward with the meeting despite Chinese threats, and the White House has yet declined to comment.

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